Winter Party Tips:

Parents of summer babies can have their pick of parties, whether it’s a bouncy castle outside or a BBQ in the garden, the list of summer parties is endless. Those of us who have children born in the winter months are somewhat more limited on what we can do to keep the little ones happy while celebrating their birthdays! We’ve compiled a list of top tips for winter parties:

1. Food- If it’s possible try and arrange for their to be something hot in the children’s meals. The traditional chicken nuggets and chips or fish fingers and chips is always popular and an age old classic but if there isn’t facilities to cook food at the venue why not order in pizza for the children- that way there’s no mess and you don’t have to worry about cooking or making sandwiches!

For dessert ice cream is out, but how about a warm brownie or hot custard? Children will love that it’s something a little bit different!

2. Venue- In the summer you’re in luck as you can have the party both indoors or outdoors, however in the colder months you’re restricted far more by the weather. Make sure that the venue is nice and warm so that the children don’t get chilly when they’re eating lunch; be careful if you’re picking a church hall to make sure that there is sufficient heating as many will turn their central heating off at the weekends and ‘forget’ to put it back on for parties!

3. Party Bags- Be wary of not including things in the party bags which are designed for outside and will be a pain for parents if used in doors such as bubbles and chalk! Think of good fun items which are able to be used all year round and don’t forget the cake!

4. Entertainment- Gone are the days when the children can just run wild in the garden and entertain themselves! Winter babies will need to have a fantastic entertainer to keep them happy, active and laughing throughout. Thankfully you’ve come to the right place and Sense Parties entertainers can do just that with their eyes closed (well maybe not with our eyes closed). Sense Parties entertainers keep the children engaged throughout with fun games and activities all themed around your child’s favourite thing!

5- Parents- A child’s party is not just a party for the children these days, parents will come along too, to socialise and meet the other Mums and Dads, therefore it’s important to make sure that their catered for as well. There’s no need to make too much of an effort with the parents but make sure that there is tea and coffee on hand for them to keep warm and hydrated. Having a great entertainer is essential so that the parents can kick back and relax while they know that their children are having fun- trust me there is nothing a Mummy likes more than to be able to watch her child laughing away while she sips on tea (or wine!!) with her friends! It’s the perfect combination!

For more information on the themed parties which we offer at Sense Parties call 07557 657 045.