Make your dinosaur party a ROAR-ing success!
What little one doesn’t LOVE dinosaurs? For years they have been the fascination of many, many children and we have thrown hundreds of dinosaur themed parties in our time! Lauren Prentice, chief party planner at Sense Parties has compiled the following top tips for a ferociously fun dinosaur themed party:
There isn’t anybody alive on this planet who can remember what the world looked like when the dinosaurs were about- so setting the scene requires a bit of imagination! At Sense Parties we like to go for a jungle style for the decoration. With green grass style plastic curtains covering the walls, palm trees to set the scene and huge dinosaur footprints leading the way from the path all of the way through to the party. All of these decorations can easily be made at home, but if you don’t have the time for that then websites such as have plenty of great solutions!
You can also add to the fun with green balloons hanging from the ceiling with added spikes along one side, or pop some round stickers onto the balloons so that they look like spotty dinosaur eggs!
There is a lot of fun to be had with dinosaur themed party food- the options are limitless.
Why not create some pterodactyl nests using bran flakes covered in melted chocolate to create the nest with a couple of mini eggs on the top? The kids will love them and what’s more they’re far healthier than the rice krispy cake alternative!
Orange squash can be named and labelled as lava juice and watermelon can be cut into triangles to create ‘dinosaur spikes.’
When it comes to biscuits, homemade biscuits don’t have to be hard work. Make a simple shortbread or cookie dough biscuit but before placing in the oven take a dinosaur figurine and push his feet into the biscuits so that it looks like a prehistoric fella has trampled through the kitchen!
To add to the fun even more, take traditional party hats and add some spikes, so that everyone can look like a dino while they’re eating!
Party Favours:
Party bags and party favours don’t have to be limited to plastic tat in a bag, most children (and their parents) will be just as grateful for one or two gifts that fit in with the theme and will actually be played with! There are a wealth of small gifts out there which are perfect; such as dinosaur gliders, dinosaur pencils and dinosaur rubbers! Why not arrange the gifts in a dinosaur egg? Simply use some small balloons and Paper Mache all over (don’t leave a hole). When dry chop the top off so that it looks like a dinosaur has poked out of the top and fill with little gifts, the children will be delighted!
The entertainment is of course the most important part of the party! There are a number of activities you can arrange to keep the children occupied.
Take a sandpit and fill with sand, as you do so, bury little dinosaur figurines into the sand. Have a basket of brushes, sieves and scoops to hand and challenge your little palaeontologists to dig deep and find the buried dinos!
For slightly older children you could set an even bigger challenge. Take the dinosaur figures and place them in water before freezing the water so that it is solid with the dinosaurs inside. On a sunny day get the children out in the garden and ask them to dig out the buried dinosaurs in a race against eachother to make the first fossil discovery.
Of course the best option for entertainment is always to bring in the professionals and hire a Sense Parties entertainer to organise and run all of the activities for you, meaning that you our free to relax and enjoy as much as the children! Our entertainers whisk the children away using the magic of story-telling on an adventure to find the dinosaurs- great fun for all ages and a magical answer to your child’s request for ‘the best’ dinosaur party! 07557 657 045