I have just returned from Evelyn’s awesome Harry Potter themed party. As an avid Harry Potter fan and a big lover of the books and the films, Evelyn requested a party for her 8th birthday which was all things Hogwarts! And that is exactly what she got!

When I arrived at the party I was blown away with the effort to make Evelyn’s Sense Theatre party as Harry Potter themed as possible. They had even managed to place the enchanted candles which are featured in the Hogwarts Great Hall above the table where the children would be eating. It was such a simple idea, but was fantastically effective! They’ve wrapped paper tubes around battery powered tea lights and hung from fishing wire from the ceiling which really did make the candles look like they were floating in the air!

I had the entertainment covered and Evelyn and her 10 friends were enthralled to be playing ‘Crookshanks and Scabbers’ or cat and mouse to you and I, as well as hiding from Filch the Caretaker, casting ‘stupify’ curses and even making a potion to enable them to grow wings! Everything was Harry Potter themed, exactly what Evelyn had been hoping for!

When tea time came the children were ravenous! Whilst their hotdogs were cooking they were all given a glass of ‘Butterbeer’ which received mixed reviews! The drink of cream soda and butterscotch sauce was definitely an experience for everyone, many of whom loved it and asked for more! For those that didn’t enjoy their first taste of ‘Butterbeer’ pumpkin juice or orange juice to you and I was on hand!

Dessert was not your usual affair, the children were each presented with a lunch box which Evelyn’s Dad had painstakingly turned into a mini suitcase with marker pens, each labeled with the children’s name. Inside was a bowl of ice cream and a range of toppings, including ‘unicorn blood’ (raspberry sauce) and popping candy which added a fab sensory experience to dinner time! The children loved it!

After dinner we partied with the disco, the children of course loved the famous Sense Parties snow machine! The party was over all too quickly and as the children received their certificates, each child was presented with their suitcase again, this time with a selection of goodies, including Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans and an invisible ink pen which the children were so excited to get using.

All in all, this was a fantastic party, the entertainment kept each and every child entertained and the extra added special touches by Evelyn’s parents made the party truly one to remember!

If you’re planning a Harry Potter themed party make sure that you get in touch with Sense Parties, we are huge fans and would love to bring our entertainment options to you to help you to celebrate!